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Late Breaking Abstracts are Invited
Last Date of Abstract Submission
  August 15, 2011


Dear Friends and Colleagues,

It is our great honor to organize 12th IUSTI-World Meeting at New Delhi,

India from 2nd to 5th Nov. 2011. The Local Organizing Committee and International Scientific Committee attempt to create an enlightening scientific program that is relevant for all parts of the World. In spite of cultural and racial differences, the problems and challenges in the field of Sexually Transmitted Infections and HIV are similar. This congress aims to bridge the gaps and bring diverse points of view to a common platform, so that all can benefit from each others experiences.

India is fighting a battle against HIV/AIDS in which some states have been highly successful while others face a rising epidemic. The venue of the IUSTI World Congress in New Delhi will help in shifting focus to the control of Sexually Transmitted Infections including HIV, which is the second most common cause of disability and death in this part of the World.

India is a country with great geographic and cultural diversity. Nearly five thousand years back one of the first major civilizations flourished here along the Indus River valley (now in Pakistan). India has virtually every kind of landscape imaginable. It is separated from the rest of Asia by the mighty Himalayas, the highest, youngest and still evolving mountain chain on the planet. The subcontinent as it is rightly called, touches three large water bodies and is immediately recognizable on any world map.

We look forward to seeing you in New Delhi in November 2011 for a wonderful experience.



  Vinod K. Sharma

  Somesh Gupta